...because every mother deserves compassionate care.

Giving birth is an emotional and special moment that is to be treasured.  The period immediately following birth(postpartum period) is equally important and should be treated with care and compassion. Compassionate Doula services makes sure every mother is respected and supported, so that she can rest, heal properly, and bond with her new baby.  

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Meet the Owner

*Baby RN *Postpartum Doula *Antepartum Doula *Lactation Consultant

Welcome! My name is Keauna Tibbs and it is my pleasure to tell you a little about myself.  Infants and mothers are truly my favorite people to care for. I believe that every mother deserves compassionate care and that this can be achieved by "mothering the mother".  I will provide physical and emotional support for you and your partner, assist with sibling transition, prayer(if permitted), and specific family-based care to the home.

I understand that every home is different,  I am open-minded in order to provide the support you and your family need based on your desires. I will listen to your concerns and assist you by supporting your ideas of what the ideal foundation is for you and your baby.  I strive to create a harmonious, peaceful environment in your home. By the time I leave, you will feel empowered to be an amazing parent and will feel completely confident with your skills.

  Have confidence knowing that you and your new bundle(s) of joy are in professional and experienced hands!  I'm a Registered Nurse(mother-baby), an InternationaI Board Certified Lactation Consultant, antepartum and postpartum doula trained through Birth Arts International, and trained and experienced in car seat safety education. I have over 30 combined years of experience working with pregnant women (including high-risk), postpartum women, infants(full-term, preterm, multiples), and children.

I'm also a wife, follower of Christ, former military brat, and mother of twin boys who were born prematurely.  When I'm not working I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling.                                                                         
 My personal experience as mother and nurse is what led me to start my company Compassionate Doula Services. I would've really benefited from the support of an antepartum/postpartum doula. I needed someone to be there for me and my husband physically, spiritually, and emotionally while I was on hospital bedrest and after the delivery of my boys that nearly took my life.    

 Creating a strong community begins in the home. One healthy, peaceful, well-rested family can lead to a community of happy people and I’m grateful to be a part of that.



We are a professional postpartum doula, antepartum doula, lactation consultant, and newborn care agency for new mothers and families in Harford County and surrounding areas.  We specialize in caring for preemies and twins.


Postpartum Doula Support

Is your postpartum recovery taking a little longer and more difficult than you expected?  Maybe your partner is heading back to work. Your postpartum doula can provide an extra hand, a listening ear, time for  nap and shower, or some unbiased encouragement to help heal properly during your fourth trimester.

Woman Sleeping

Antepartum Doula Support

Some moms — such as those on bed rest or experiencing a high-risk pregnancy — need extra support and care before their baby arrives. An antepartum doula helps to reduce the stress of the day-to-day details such as finding a pediatrician, assistance with postpartum care plan, organizing the nursery and home for baby arrival, light housekeeping, and meal prep, allowing you and your family to prepare for your newest member.

Baby Nurse

  A baby nurse is a registered nurse that has experience and knowledge in caring for newborns and providing parental education.  We provide minimal medical care or advice under this service.

We assist the parents to become familiar with numerous tasks in taking care of their newborn, care for the baby while parents nap or sleep, and guide them in dealing with challenges with their baby. We have extensive experience with premature infants and multiples.

Our goal is to ensure that the babies are well taken care of and that parents are properly educated in caring for their newborn.

Sleeping Baby
Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Lactation Support

Get the professional and compassionate support you deserve throughout your breastfeeding journey from an experienced IBCLC. We provide support with sore nipples, latch and positioning, engorgement, breastfeeding education, low milk supply, overactive letdown, clogged ducts, and more.


I’m proud to have received wonderful feedback from some of the women and families I’ve worked with. For me, the most rewarding part of the job is building strong, beautiful relationships with my clients and to share in one of the most memorable moments of their lives. Feel free to browse some of their testimonials below.

Latrice Leakes

My son was born a few weeks early and ended up in the NICU.  She was my son's in-home care nurse.  Her kindness and compassion helped me as I dealt with postpartum depression and many changes as a new mom.

Cicely Harris

Keauna was great she was extremely patient and very understanding. She’s just that type of person that u can trust w/ ease and bc of her knowledge, just know that you are good hands.

Tiffany F.

Keauna is very professional and caring. She is so dedicated to her passion for helping moms and their babies. I recommend her company to any mom needing breastfeeding help or even postpartum doula services. You won't find a better doula!

Danielle Ketels

After having difficulty finding a lactation specialist for an in-home visit that was in network with my insurance, I came across Compassionate Doula Services and reached out to inquire about their services. I heard back from Keauna within an hour of reaching out and not only was she helpful in trying to help me find a way for my insurance to cover an in-home consult, but she also made herself immediately available to do a weekend visit if I was having a difficult time nursing. We ended up scheduling a time during the week when she would come to help with my milk supply and obtaining a deeper latch with my newborn daughter. She brought a lot of useful material, was hands-on, and provided a great deal of advice and tips to help me achieve a pain free breastfeeding experience. She has reached out since meeting to ask how we have been doing since and offered assistance for any future issues or concerns. I would highly recommend using these services for any type of postpartum or breastfeeding issues. She was very kind, professional, and helpful in guiding me towards a better experience nursing my daughter and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you again !

Jessica & Scarlett

Have a Happy Thanksgiving from Scarlett and I!! Oh good news, I'm only breastfeeding now! She weighs 10lbs. I am so thankful for all your support and encouragement. Couldn't have done it with out you!

Jenelle Murph Davis

Keauna is a gem! When I was having concerns about maintaining my supply towards to end of my nursing journey and she talked me off the ledge.  She gave me the tools and ideas to keep going until the end!

Candace Smith

I highly recommend Compassionate Doula care services! During my breastfeeding journey I ran into a few obstacles that led me into a panic and I felt so lost and scared that our journey could be coming to an end. I contacted Keauna and she made herself available to me right away over the phone and we scheduled a home visit the very next day. Keauna's professionalism, expertise, warming presence, and reassurance is unmatched! Her willingness to listen to me and affirm me made such a difference in how I felt during such an uncertain time. She made sure to follow up with me in a timely manner and offered additional resources when necessary. I am so glad that I found such a caring genuine company! There is so much I would like to say but words can't express how amazing Keauna is at what she does! Truly a gift that all postpartum families need! Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do to help ensure we are successful and that I feel supported. My only regret is not contacting her sooner and getting a picture together!


I would not go anywhere else for advice! Keauna is amazing. She helped me through my breastfeeding struggles when my LO was a newborn. Struggling with low supply, bad latch, and LO refused to eat soilds, Keauna has always been my go to person for tips and tricks.

Her phone is ALWAYS open!! Communication is key with Keauna. Text and/or call she is always there. If she doesn't pick up the phone, she will tell you the time that she is free and call you back on the DOT. My lo is now 19 months old so you can see I am loyal.

Huong Dao

Keauna was our baby nurse. Not only she did a great job taking care of my baby, she also supported and guided me with breastfeeding, which I really struggled with as a first time mom. She shared a lot of newborn care experience with us, making us feel more assured. You know you and your baby are in good hand with Keauna being around!

Jessica Taylor

Keauna helped save my breastfeeding journey!! She was warm, knowledgeable and professional at all times. She provided the amazing care and good vibes a first time/new parent needs. My boyfriend was also helped by her suggestions. I have recommended her to many people.

Taylor Elizabeth

Keauna is great! She really knows her stuff! Keauna has played a huge role in helping me have a successful nursing experience, without her help I know I would have ended up switching to formula.

Christaun W.

​I was unaware there was virtual doula services. As new parents, we were full of questions and concerns about our premature baby. Keauna is amazing with her experience as a nurse and mother. She really made me feel comfortable with asking questions. She sent videos best fit for me and researched places in my area that offered services I needed. Her guidance and reassurance made me confident as a new mommy.

Mariavictoria Bennett

Compassionate Doula Services, LLC is a stellar organization run by a very caring and knowledgeable doula who I 100% recommend.

I was a high risk pregnancy due to a previous history of postpartum pree-clampsia and wanted to make sure that I had the right resources and help during this time around with a second baby on the way back in November 2020. From the very beginning, Keauna displayed exemplary service and answered all the questions I had, and provided the resources I needed in order to ensure that I was well prepared for this delivery of my baby. The Doula services was rendered virtually, but felt like she was right there helping me along the way and advocating for the things I wanted and that she even recommended to pursue for my case. She helped me draw up a care plan full of diverse resources that she took time to put together, from what to buy postpartum, healthy recipes for postpartum and breastfeeding, resources on car seat safety, and much more. As a result of Keauna's knowledge and resources she provided me in my care plan, my outcome for healing was much more smoother. I feel confident in her knowledge and recommendations because she is a registered nurse, a certified lactation consultant, as well as a car seat technician. This goes to show her passion and zeal for being an advocate for pregnant women and mamas' to be.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable, personable, and caring doula who will help advocate for you, then definitely give Compassionate Doula Services, LLC a call!

Darlisha B.

I absolutely love working with KEAUNA. She is responsive, caring, passionate, and educated about breastfeeding.

I am so glad that we hired Keauna. Because of her I have exclusively breastfeeding my newborn for 6 weeks!


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What is a doula?

The word doula is a greek word that literally means "a woman who serves". There are several types of doulas   including, antepartum(prenatal), birth, and postpartum. Compassionate Doula Services provides antepartum and postpartum doula support. A doula does not provide medical procedures or advice.

Instead, they provide information, comfort, and non-judgmental support to you and your partner as you make choices and adjust to newest member of the  family.

A postpartum doula is a trained and experienced professional who guides and supports families during the first six weeks(or more) following childbirth. 

An antepartum doula is a trained and experienced professional who provides services similar to what is found with postpartum support, but before the baby arrives.

What services does a postpartum doula provide?

​A postpartum doula’s role is constantly evolving according to the daily needs of the family. We assist with anything that can be done to support the mother physically and emotionally, so she can best enjoy her new little one. 

This can include:

  1. Shopping & running errands

  2. Prepare light meals 

  3. Escort mother to appointments 

  4. Provide emotional & moral support

  5. Breastfeeding support 

  6. Infant care education 

  7. Care & activities for siblings while parents are home

  8. Baby laundry & light housekeeping

  9. Answering phone & door

  10. Care for baby while parents shower and/or nap

  11. Provide community resources

What are the benefits of hiring a Postpartum doula?

  • Increased breastfeeding success

  • Greater understanding of newborn's physical and emotional needs

  • Reduced risk of postpartum depression

  • Less maternal exhaustion, frustration, and apprehension

What questions to ask before hiring a doula?

  • I encourage you to ask your doula about their training, certification status and how they envision supporting you.

  • You should ask why they chose to get into doula work. Are they 100% attuned to helping fulfill your dreams and desires and breathe confidence into you?

  • Will your doula support you if you choose not to breastfeed?

  • What does your doula think about how you want to parent?

  • Do they push their philosophy of standard newborn procedures or help encourage you to find your own priorities?

  • How do you feel when you are with the doula?

  • Does they make you feel confident in your abilities?

  • Do you want to keep talking with the doula?

  • Do you peaceful in their presence?

  • Can you envision hearing their voice speak to you in your most vulnerable moments?

  • Set up an initial phone consult with me today and try out your new doula interviewing skills. You will be impressed with what you get with Compassionate Doula Services!

Postpartum depression is a challenging reality for some mothers. How do doulas assist mothers with postpartum depression?

We will create an emotionally-safe place for the new mother. We will educate her and provide resources for her if needed. We will nurture her; prepare light meals and make sure she’s well-hydrated, as well as ensuring she’s getting as much sleep as possible. We pre-screen for postpartum mood-disorders and check-in daily to gauge her emotional well-being, and will also provide her with local resources for support.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes, we offer gift certificates!  Gifting a mother and her family with prepaid Doula services makes a great baby shower!

What form of payment do you accept?

Cash, check,venmo, and paypal.  Full payment is expected before services are provided(except with lactation service). Payment plans are possible when needed on a weekly basis before service is started.

What areas do you service?

We serve in Maryland: Harford County, Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Howard County, Cecil County, and Anne Arundel County. Delaware: Bear, Newark, New Castle, Middletown. York County Pennsylvania: Delta, Fawn Grove, and more.

Do you offer virtual support?

Yes, we offer all services virtually, by phone & email.  We provide this option to allow all families to have access to professional and experienced education and support.  This is beneficial to those families that live outside of our service areas or are practicing social distancing due to COVID-19.

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Contact Me

To get the compassionate care you deserve before or after delivery of your baby is only a phone call  or email away! We generally do an initial phone consultation to assess your needs, with the option to do an introductory meeting virtually to see if we are a good fit you and your family.

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